We are leading providers of teaching and training that enhances, but remains outside of, mainstream system known as supplementary education. This liberates us to explore innovative, disruptive and effective methods that prepare young people to navigate life.

Our approaches are:

INNOVATIVE - because our methods are based on a new movement in education that intuitively nurtures the whole child and encourages real-world application of learning.


DISRUPTIVE - because we have torn-up traditional approaches. We believe in teaching an individual how to think, not what to think.


EFFECTIVE - because they are based on expertise built up over 20 years and delivered in both Europe and South Africa.

Supplementary education is not just extra lessons. It's a specialised form of education that can make a vital difference in a child's life.



Learning by doing. Authentic learning gives hands-on experiences in real-life contexts. The world is our classroom!

Authentic Learning



Teaching young people to think independently and rationally, and  to be adaptable to the challenges of today.

Critical Thinking



Is a means to open the door to new methods that make learning a more personalised experience.

Education Technology

Mission & Vision

Offering social solutions

with innovative, life-affirming,

all-round education.

We dream of

A learning revolution in South Africa that innovatively develops the individual's ability to think effectively, apply knowledge in the real-world and identify solutions in any situation. 

Our Goal is

To close the gaps in South African education that contribute to a cycle of under-achievement, poverty and a challenged society. We’ll do this by eradicating the ‘lost time’ in which young people do not have access to quality supplementary education.