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Education Solutions
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Dynamic Page Turners

Building a love of reading in teenagers.

Study Skills

Intensive support for exam preparation.

SACE Accredited Teacher - Training

A range of courses for the professional development of teachers.

Education Project Consultancy

14 years of experience to help you plan and implement your education project.


Powerful methods to educate and uplift young people.

Experiential Workplace Training

Real, practical and useable workplace skills.

Social Enterprise 101

Learning Alive is a social enterprise. Here's a little info about what that means.

A Social Enterprise is a business that wants to make the world a better place. Like other businesses the goal is to generate income, but unlike other business this income is ploughed back into social causes such as education, health, the environment and so on. Social enterprises are often founded by entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving society. They understand that income-generation will greatly increase their impact, rather than relying purely on donations.​​

Therefore while Learning Alive is a registered NGO and public benefit organisation, we SELL SERVICES as well as seeking funding through DONATIONS & SPONSORSHIP. In this way we build sustainability into our projects, and have more avenues to the funding we need.

Unlike other NGO's we don't just ask for money, we also generate our own income. This means our projects are more sustainable.

How you can help

You can BOOK one of the services we offer above. Alternatively you can make a DONATE TO OR SPONSOR a programme. Information can be found via the link at the top of every page.