Don't just teach a man to fish - teach him how to sell it.

The Buffalo’s Horns Entrepreneurship Competition has kicked off with a strong start. The competition gives young people the opportunity and the platform to take their business ideas from the planning stage to a practical reality. The strength of the project is that it not only equips the participants with financial support, but essential guidance from seasoned business professionals.

Learning Alive has selected participants from Diepsloot, Tembisa & Atteridgeville which represent areas with the highest levels of disadvantage. Diepsloot alone has an unemployment rate of nearly 50% in the 18-35 age group. For these young people, finding alternative career paths through entrepreneurship is a vital lifeline. The competition is aimed at addressing the unemployment crisis, but also equipping the youth with skills they can apply in a variety of employment roles. In this project, we don't just 'teach a man to fish' - we teach him how to sell it as well.

The project has been made possible with sponsorship of the Rotary Club Knights Pendragon. The Rotarians are offering a series of entrepreneurship mentoring sessions to share the fundamentals of starting a business. Covering topics such as marketing, managing finances and business pitching, the members of the Rotary Club are hands-on in helping the participants create an income for themselves and their families. A key element of the competition is that the business ideas are based on solutions to community challenges or social issues. In this way the Rotarians are addressing the broader needs faced by these community groups. This has become more urgent than ever in the current economic climate.

Learning Alive wants to grow the South African economy and society with innovative education solutions. Together with the Rotary Club we aim to inspire and empower these young people so they can return home not only with valuable skills, but also with a list of potential partners, investors and markets for their business dreams.

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