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We got some time to catch up with Ntiyiso Baloyi an Access student from Attridgeville Pretoria who told got to tell us more about the book she wrote. She said

"The book is based on an average teenage girl's life and the day to day random challenges she faces to get through them irregardless of how difficult they may seem.

She later said that when she started writing the story, it was for fun amd also loves writing.

"I wanted a chance to share the moments and memories I get to experience with my friends, family and people around me from an everyday teenagers perspective but as I got into depth with the chapters I wanted it to have a purpose"

And that what it has done, bringing to life the challenges that teens face and giving a voice to her peers all around. A book wriiten to inspire and motivate young girls. "A handbook to turn a page to when when things get hard"

"We are not all going to be the same and yes my problems might seem minor to others but I just wanted to let them know that I'm no different to every other girl and if I was able to overcome those minor obstacles then they can do it too without having to feel ashamed of feeling selfish in the process."

Truly inspiring words, I asked her who her favourite character was from the book and she mentioned that she doesn't have one, the book is based on day to day of everyday teens and their experiences so the main character is who the reader chooses to be.

Soms advice to young writers out there who may also want to write their own book one day is to do it.

"Writing a book is not easy, but it's not difficult either. In short

  • Identify what you want to write about,

  • Identify your target audience and what the people are going to benefit from reading your book.

  • Set a time frame for yourself and when you would continue your writing process.

  • Find your inspiration and once you get a pen in your hand write your draft the ideas are just going to flow right through you.

  • Get someone to edit the work for you, ask for feedback from your friends and family.

"Not all days are going to be productive obviously, some days are going to be tougher than others. You will feel as if there is no progress but don't stop. Other things as well will get in the way of your writing process. The key is to have no fear. Accept all criticism whether good or bad, always work in improving your writing. Never give up!

"There is going to be another book. I'm currently in the process of writing it, it going to be longer than Teenage moments. I plan on adding more content and base the next one about the things that are happening to the youth, because I feel like I refrained from revealing a lot of information on the last book but since I was dealing with delicate beings like 13 year olds I felt it was best.

Most of my books are going to be about the youth because I feel like we are the ones who need help understanding who we are and giving perspective on how we see the world, I want the next book to cover all the teens boys and girls." Alive

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